Restoring & valorizing tropical ecosystems


EthioTrees is a Non-Profit Organization promoting forest restoration and non-timber forest production (NTFP) in the South

What we do


We restore tropical ecosystems under threat of degradation and create high-value forest products. By restoring these environments, we foster both climate resilience and livelihood improvement.

What we offer


From carbon offsets to high-quality aromatic oil and honey: EthioTrees partners produce for both local and high-end global markets.

Why we are different

Our approach

Local communities are the driving force behind our project design, planning and implementation. Jointly, we provide forest products that are certified following the strictest international standards.

Why we do it

Why we do it

Because we believe in restoration projects that are fostering water and carbon storage, protecting against land degradation, enhancing biodiversity and thriving forest micro-economies.

What’s new?

Our Partners:

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