What makes us different? 

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Non-timber forest products

In line with our participative model, forests should not become fortresses where all human and economic activity is banned. To the contrast, a rich biodiverse tropical ecosystem will deliver a large amount of non-timber forest products. EthioTrees is improving the supply chains of aromatic oils from Ethiopia, and honey from Tigray. EthioTrees insists that its non-timber forest products should have the highest quality, and create high value. This forms the best incentive for local populations to manage their natural resources well. Go to Our Products for more information.

Our model

As a real grassroots organisation, participation and participative decision-making form the cornerstones of the EthioTrees model. Participation starts from the very beginning: in the project design. Local communities sit together to discuss the current state of their region and environment, and the situation as they want it to be in the future. Together, they develop spatial plans of their village and the surrounding areas: plans that show the situation today and plans of how they want it to be in the future. Based on this process of participatory mapping, EthioTrees develops its projects. Participation remains the cornerstone of monitoring activities, maintenance and all re-investment decisions. Our model proves that local participative decision-making is not only easy to achieve, it is also more effective and efficient.

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