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Trees to offset
To demonstrate climate leadership, businesses and organisations want to know their carbon footprint. An organisational carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) of a company or organisation. EthioTrees performs carbon footprint calculations for businesses, organisations or administrations. With a detailed carbon footprint, organisations can easily find opportunities to create environmental profit and energy savings. Using the Plan Vivo certificates of EthioTrees, companies and organisations can even become climate positive. Contact us for more information!
Aroma trees
EthioTrees offers a variety of high-quality essential and aromatic oils to the European market. Our oils include Ethiopian frankincense (Boswellia) and highland eucalytus species (Eucalyptus globulus). These oils are a key ingredient in perfume and are popular in aromatherapy. EthioTrees rigorously checks and guarantees the sustainable tapping of all plants and resins, and systematically uses fair trade principles for compensation. The tapping activities are performed by associations of landless farmers and the essential oils are directly distilled in the source areas of the resources, maximizing the profit for the local population. Contact us for more information!
Trees for drinks
Brewers and beverage companies use a lot of water and energy during their production process. To promote climate neutrality in the brewing and beverage sector, EthioTrees developed a tailor-made product carbon footprint method. In so doing, drinks can become climate positive, which means that the more you drink the better for climate! At the same time, participating brewers and beverage companies are helping to increase ground- and drinking water availability in the dry Ethiopian Highlands. Contact us for more information!
Trees for you
Do you want to have a positive carbon footprint instead of a negative?  EthioTreesvcan help you!  Contact us if you are concerned about climate change and you want to contribute to a healthier world. 
Trees et al
Academics often travel for their job. Yet, airplane travels emit a significant amount of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, that are responsible for enhanced climate change. EthioTrees is developing a tailor-made compensation for Flemish universities. The restoration projects of EthioTrees ensure offsets that are certified using the strict international standard of Plan Vivo. That way, traveling around the globe will be compensated by planting trees and bushes  capturing carbon dioxide and storing it  in their leafs, branches, stem and roots. Contact us for more information and have a relaxing flight!
Trees and sweets
In the Ethiopian Highlands, EthioTrees partners are producing high-quality honey with a wide variety of flavours. The Tigray white honey, for instance, is a traditional local delicacy . The EthioTrees restoration projects are supporting diverse bee populations that deliver unique sweet tastes. The Ethiopian honey is produced for the local and national markets. Contact us for more information!